The Shed Company

195 Rapson Road
Ph: 09 420 4441
Fax: 09 4205 246

The Shed Company has been serving the North Harbour and West Auckland Area for 12 years and offer a large range of sheds, garages, farm sheds, industrial, commercial, American barns and more

As a Fair Dinkum Sheds Distributor, The Shed Company always remains competitive in the market and has a customized computer package that enables customers to get fast, accurate on the spot quotes.

The Shed Company is the classic family Business. After many years running his own building company, Peter got involved as the first New Zealand distributor of Fair Dinkum Sheds and was instrumental in the initial set up in New Zealand with his sons Bryce and Chris learning the ropes.  Now the boys run the business with their brother-in-law Dave, but they haven’t told Pete he’s not in charge anymore….. 

The Shed Company is a Registered Building Practitioner giving customers peace of mind that the job is compliant and has been handled in a professional way.


Customer testimonial:

We had just moved into the area, to a small lifestyle block with intension of building a barn to house all my valuables. The decision on who to build was not a light one. But we chose “Fair Dinkum  Sheds – the shed company” because they Were local to the community and family based and competitive in pricing. We are thrilled with the final product and that initial decision. Bryce and the team have met and exceed all our requirements incorporating changes and assisting in getting the product for our investment. The build was quick and hassle free and to a high standard.

I have no hesitation in recommending this company (have done already) to anyone else needing a shed / barn for us it has been a pleasure!!!!!

Walters Family, Waimauku